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The world lies on the very edge of debacle. National fortunes of VIP culture uncover their actual countenances - evil spirits, sent to decimate our reality. As mankind is subjugated, just a single man can spare us: Shaq Fei Hung. A poor Chinese vagrant, prepared by a combative techniques ace, must face his fate and release the intensity of the holy Gold Bond. Our saint must leave the wellbeing of his little town home in country China and travel to the most corrupt and risky corners of the West to battle malicious on its home turf. 
Battle devilish powers as ball legend Shaquille O'Neal 
Classic side-looking over, beat them up activity getting it done 

Exclusive new rap track from the Big Diesel himself 
Topple the malicious crowds with momentous power moves 
Transform into a diesel-fueled mech suit and take out foes like a thundering, fumes heaving, mechanical BOSS! 
Mutate into a mammoth desert flora and wreck your foes with flying needles 
Boss fights that will make your eyes water

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