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It is 1896, and war has started... On your right side, Militia are chopped around saber employing mounted force. Out there, gun shoot echoes as an ambling Steam Tank discharge its auto guns. Your Gatling Gun Team releases a salvo of discharge, chopping down a foe squad like wheat. Behind you, the automaton of your Frigate Class Airship consoles you before releasing its salvo of supporting flame. 
You are a Nobleman, and it's dependent upon you to lead your armed forces to triumph! 
• Unique interchange reality 1896! 
• Intense shooter battle - participate in substantial scale fights! 
• Fight close by guns, gatling firearms, aircrafts, vessels, mounted force, strongholds, and that's only the tip of the iceberg! 
• Innovative Campaign - plan your assaults from above, at that point battle and lead the fights in the field! 

• Incredible scale - look as strongholds shoot the front line from a separation, carriers linger overhead, and iron clad warships bolster your armed force from the shoreline! 
• "Bounce in/Jump out" ongoing interaction - ace bad-to-the-bone shooter interactivity, or empower auto fight and watch the fights unfurl, peaceful! 
• Collect and utilize ground-breaking Battle Cards to change the tide of the fight!

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