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 Hello my friends today I offer you a new Android  games
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Conveying AAA reassure gaming background to cell phones. 
Twenty years after the fall of Earth, the remainders of the Human race are by and by looked with elimination. The time has come to legitimize our reality. A secretive living thing known as the XADA squares off against mankind's last weapon - the War-Mech arrangement III fight suit. 
Highlights: Stunning console-quality designs, top of the line voice acting and Hollywood-review sound generation. Full instrumental scores unbelievably blended by Grammy Award victor and "The Lord of the Rings" set of three designer, John Kurlander. 
The most natural touch UI seen on the stage. 
A huge armory of super-tech weaponry available to you, upgradable by means of the streamlined ARK Kernel framework. Turn into a definitive combination of Man and Machine. Guarantee the survival of the species. 
- Free to play mission 1-1 to 1-6, open all levels from one time IAP.

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