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Welcome to the following stage on the advancement of the acclaimed floating amusement arrangement Drift Max! Throttle up and float crosswise over astonishing genuine areas (Brooklyn, Moscow, Dubai) from around the world in Drift Max World, a fresh out of the plastic new float dashing diversion from the makers of the unbelievable floating recreations - Drift Max and Drift Max Pro! 
Highlighting decked out float autos, no-nonsense changes and pilot customizations, Drift Max World is here to test your handbrake floating capacity. Pick your pilot, alter your float dashing auto, pick either the outside or inside view, and begin floating! Perform marvelous tricks, consume the black-top and appreciate a standout amongst other floating amusements made! The universe of float dashing anticipates you! 

- Full-body decal units. 
- Two-tone and matte paint hues, insane graphical dashing decals. 
- Headlight hues. 
- Door and hood stickers. 
- Rim model and shading. 
- Glass shading. 
- Caliper shading. 
- Wheel (Camber) point. 
- Suspension stature. 
- Spoiler models.

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