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 Hello my friends today I offer you a new Android  games
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***PLEASE NOTE: This amusement is formally upheld just on touchscreen Android gadgets with no less than 3 GB of RAM and forward Vulkan bolster. There are a few gadgets that ought to have the capacity to play that are recorded as inconsistent, we will settle this when we can! *** 
Jump into a definitive versatile dino-experience with ARK: Survival Evolved! A monstrous diversion world consolidates with 80+ one of a kind dinosaurs and primal animals for you to catch and agreeable - making for a survival encounter without exception. Get together with different players and companions in this Jurassic-period world, to frame clans and cooperate to construct settlements of survivors. 

In light of the class characterizing experience from PC and consoles, ARK: Survival Evolved provokes you to survive and flourish with a puzzling island, where you begin alone and unarmed. Assemble assets and specialty instruments to fabricate sanctuary and chase. Grow your area while catching and restraining dinosaurs to do your offering. Make new companions on the web, shape clans, and assemble relentless structures to protect against man and uber predators alike!

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