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A MUST HAVE for easygoing gamers, avionics lovers and any activity experience fan. 
Pro Academy: Black Flight will stick you to your seat as you encounter WWI dogfighting more than ever. 
Epic ethereal battle in shocking visual situations 
Completely customizeable flying machine, including improved execution, weaponry and paint plans 
Story driven involvement with exact verifiable courses of events and universes to investigate 
Experience unmatched gameplay, illustrations and account as you move into the cockpit of the most forceful WWI dogfighting amusement on versatile. You will fly with genuine squadrons, over real recorded areas, as you climb the positions to wind up a World War One Ace. You will battle for King and Country from the shores of England and Belgium to Flanders and the Western Front. 
Open, overhaul and tweak the main air ship of WWI as you assault carriers, rail lines, caravans, and adversary aircraft. Test your capacities as you clash with top German Jastas in Fokker and Albatross contenders. 

Experience a rich verifiable account, in view of precise WWI individuals, areas and occasions. Find the real fights and theaters that made WWI a standout amongst the most overwhelming wars at any point battled! 
Pro Academy: Black Flight was produced in organization with the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, which helped clergyman and art the rich story and recorded timetable. The diversion highlights pictures of extraordinary relics and dazzling photography, submerging you in the substances of the time. The outcome is a standout amongst the most truly precise recreations accessible for your cell phone

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