Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge (Beta) android

Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge (Beta) android
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Later on, a solid, exceptional species is made from the mix of people, innovation and dark metal. 
The administration names them "shadow cyborg", and enables each part to have their own particular shadow security compel (S.E.F), yet all of topic must be controlled by the Headquarter set in Century city. 
Everything appears to be so impeccable, til the day Headquarter is under assaulted by a Dark Clan. 
Center, a senior cyborg officer finds the plot past the point of no return. 
The Lord Commander of S.E.F is hacked, he kills his officer and supplant them by new shadow cyborg age to assume control over the legislature. 
After the assault, CORE joins the renegade and heads to the city looking for vindicate for his friends and decimating the Dark Clan. 
Overdrive is a mix hack n slice and activity platformer with numerous weapons accessible: sword, buster sword, stick, twin dagger...with special inherent combos. 
Beginning from the Dark Forest, you will confront risky foes and traps. In the battle, utilize 
your ability to stay away from assault and make unprecedented combos.

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