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Welcome to the West World, wild, indifferent, hidden deadly, to become Western cowboys, lonely, fear, extraordinary skill. When the gun is in your hand, when you can decide the life and death of anyone, to become a wicked West Arsenal or to save the common sense of guard justice, perhaps only the distance of a shot, make your choice!
To explore this mysterious western world, meet all kinds of people, accept the mission, get rid of the bad guys, and get rewarded. Or wandering around, hunting the animals, killing the zombies. So you can spend your day on the table, yes, there are dueling, horse-racing, darts, blackjack, and many games waiting for your challenge!
Deserts, towns, valleys, forests, tombs, distinctive sights, there are a variety of enemies. It is said that in the cave on the edge of the world, possession of unusually terrible creatures, there is no perfect preparation, do not try to challenge.
Game features

- Eight sets of western clothes with no, never cowboy style of history
- More than twenty powerful guns, pistols, a gun, and a gun of any choice. Not enough stimulation? Put on the dagger and try again!
- Dozens of different types of main line and regional missions take you to every corner of the West
- The enemies of many different abilities, animals of diverse behavior waiting for your catch
- Tired of killing? Stop and play these Western specialties now!

West Gunfighter  Size:- 19 MB

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