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War is coming! 
DRAW YOUR BOW AND SAVE YOUR KINGDOM from swarms of trolls and trolls that attack your pinnacle! Pulverize your foes and turn into the best Tiny Archer in this testing, dream, activity amusement. 
Find fabulous characters, battle various adversaries, open enchantment bolts and shocking capacities. Utilize your arrow based weaponry aptitudes to survive! Safeguard your pinnacle, crush endless troll and skeleton armed forces and spare the day! Join a definitive bow and bolt experience of Tiny Archers! 
▶ ATTACK your adversaries with 4 stunning characters: human, diminutive person, mythical being and beastmaster 
▶ DISCOVER four astounding stories in this remarkably outlined pinnacle protection amusement 
▶ FIGHT a multitude of trolls, trolls and skeletons with exceptional bolts, capacities and distinctive assault layers 
▶ CHALLENGE yourself in 4 distinct stories with in excess of 130 one of a kind pinnacle safeguard levels! 
▶ TRAIN your bows and arrows abilities to decisively point assaults that paralyze, back off, or execute your foes right away! 
▶ UPGRADE your characters and gather assets to find new, enchantment bolts and abilities 
▶ DEVELOP your one of a kind methodology and strategies to survive and guard your pinnacle from a multitude of trolls and trolls! 
▶ LAY TRAPS and utilize that key favorable position against the assailants! 
▶ SURVIVE longer in the new diversion mode and beat the Leaderboard! 
▶ PLAY AGAINST OTHERS in the new Social element to see who is better in the new diversion modes! 
▶ CHAT with others and offer your photographs or request help! 
▶ EXPERIENCE the test of the hard mode levels 
▶ EXPLORE different areas: mythical person urban communities, overshadow mines, valleys, timberlands and frequented memorial parks 

▶ ENABLE the 18+ highlights for the full investigation: blood mode, detonating bodies, slaughter cam

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